Now Introducing Concierge Service


We are happy to announce a concierge medical program open to all our patients today! Our concierge program allows us to offer a level of convenience, support, and service that cannot be offered in a traditional pediatric practice. A few benefits include dedicated hours, parental support beyond healthcare,  priority access to doctors, and much more. Learn more below!



Dr. Sonia Gidwani
Primary Care physician  

Dr. Sonia Gidwani trained in General Pediatrics at the Children´s Hospital of NJ/UMDNJ. After one year of Pediatric Endocrinology fellowship at the Weill Cornell Medical Center, she joined a practice at St. Luke´s Roosevelt Hospital where she rose to the position of Chief of Ambulatory Pediatrics. In 2007, she started a private practice on the Upper West Side that has grown to become one of the busiest in the area.

See What Our Patents are Saying About Us!


"Dr Gidwani is fantastic. She has treated my daughter from birth. She's knowledgable, friendly and will help wherever possible. She has even given me medical advice as an adult, which showed her broad understanding of medical issues. She's great with my daughter, accessible after hours and very responsive."

-Lara Price