Our Story

After spending 13 years at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, I retired as Chief of Ambulatory Pediatrics to start a family-centered pediatric practice that provides highly personalized care. Having provided pediatric care to patients from a variety of social backgrounds, I learned the value of understanding a family's goals and providing care specific to their context. Our team works to ensure that as we lead your children from birth to young adulthood, we respect your values and your time. Our Kids' MD priority for our patients is that you feel supported around the clock. Our practice is unique because we leverage technology to make sure you have direct access to individualized medical advice from the physician at all times. At Our Kids' MD, we treat your kids like our kids. 

Our Green Office

We strive to be as environmentally responsible as we possibly can. It is good for the health of our kids as well as the health of our planet.

  • We have a paperless office, and minimize the use of paper in medical transactions.
  • All other paper products are made from recycled paper, where possible.
  • All electronics carry the energy efficient designation.
  • The flooring is a floating wood floor; no glue is used, so there are no volatile organic compounds from glue.
  • The absence of carpets and rugs eliminates the possibility of triggering asthma and allergies from dust mites and trapped animal dander.
  • Only energy efficient Fluorescent or Compact Fluorescent bulbs (no incandescent bulbs) are used in lighting.
  • When possible, bulk stock purchases are made to reduce wasteful packaging.

If you have suggestions to help us be more green, we’d love to hear from you.